What Is Lamp Aac?


Author: Albert
Published: 10 Dec 2021

LAMP Words for Life: A Language Learning Program

The LAMP Words for Life program is appropriate for a wide range of people, from those just beginning to communicate to those with advanced language skills. The motor patterns used to say words remain consistent throughout the language learning process to allow for the development of quick and easy communication.

LAMP Method

The LAMP method is a combination of principles related to teaching language and the programming of the device.

Speech and Language Enhancement

People with some spoken communication may benefit from the program. If speech is limited, it can be helped by the program. A person can get more words and language. They may communicate more with the program than they can with speech alone.

A computer with a mouse and communication software

A computer with software that allows you to type, control a mouse, and send emails. It can have communication software, such as the one from PRC.

Core Words in Small Group Discussion Group

Recent research has moved away from changing the programming on the device and instead is trying to get the user to be proficient at accessing the device and navigate the pages independently. Core words give greater access to language because they can be used for a variety of different pragmatic functions, such as requesting, protesting, answering and asking questions, describing things, directing the actions of others, and expressing feelings. The device should always be accessible to the child.

You can print a board of food options in your fridge that you can put on the fridge to give your child a point to choose from when they are hungry, and then hang it on the fridge. You can also do one for your pantry or favorite foods. When it's not appropriate for a child to have a device, many SGDs allow you to print pages.

At the beach or pool is an example. SGDs need to be with the child all day. The child will need to have access to the device at every moment of the day to learn to use it.

You may need to teach the child to be responsible for carrying the device from room to room in the house or class to class at school and not leave it sitting in one area of the house. You must wait until you can locate the device before you can say something. That would make anyone frustrated.

Recess: A Challenge for Children

Recess. Is there any other time at school where children like to play as much as possible? Children who use the program face a unique challenge.

Minspeak: Communicating with Few Icons

A person using a Minspeak system can communicate a large vocabulary without having to learn or spell, because they have a small number of icons.

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