What Is Lamp Assay?


Author: Artie
Published: 9 Dec 2021

Target sequence based detection and analysis of the Retino-Tetrahedral Proton Metastability Modulator

The target sequence can make the RT-LAMP achieve high specificity. The target sequence is recognized using six independent sequence at the start and four independent sequence towards the end. A strong colorimetric reaction can be achieved without expensive or specialized instruments.

Rapid detection of foodborne pathogens by LAMP method

Many studies show that detection of foodborne pathogens by LAMP methods provides more specific and sensitive results than by the PCR method. The amount of amplicon produced by LAMP within 1 hour is 103-fold higher than traditional PCR, so LAMP reaction is more rapid than conventional PCR. The rapidity and sensitivity of the LAMP methods have been used for the investigation of various foodborne pathogens. There are commercial kits for detecting the presence of several organisms.

Early diagnosis of COVID-19: a key role for healthcare systems

Many nations have employed combinations of containment and mitigation activities to delay major surges of patients and to protect the most vulnerable from infections. Early diagnosis of COVID-19 is vital in controlling illness progression and limiting viral spread within the population, as part of such mitigation strategies to stop onward transmission and decrease load on healthcare systems.

DNA Detection of COVID-19

For the past 30 years, the technique of using a strand of DNA to detect it has been used in research and medicine. The tests are used to detect an object. The body has viral RNA in it before it gets symptoms of the disease.

Detection of Diseases by Glycine Gel

The end product is a series of concatamers of different sizes, each with a distinct band pattern on agarose gel. Bst DNA polymerase helps in strand displacement and elongation. The technique can be used for genetic testing, point of care diagnosis, detection of food and environmental samples in remote or resource poor areas.

Positive reaction can be detected by naked eye by either agarose gel or non fluorescent dyes, and can be compared to negative samples or control samples. The kits for detection of diseases like Influenza, Tuberculosis, and Malaria have been developed. The WHO recommends the use of the Tuberculosis LAMP reaction as an alternative test for patients with signs and symptoms.

The effect of the drug interactions on LAMP amplitude

Further to this, LAMP is able to amplify the same sequence through reverse transcription. It was found that LAMP is more resistant to the drugs than the ones in the blood.

Making RT-LAMP reactions in water baths, thermoblock and incubator

The method of making RT-LAMP reactions is simple and can be done in water baths, thermoblocks or even in an incubator.

LAMP DESIGNER: a software package for the creation of loop DNA

6. The FIP hybridizes to the stem-loop DNA structure. The synthesis started here.

The F1 strand is displaced as the FIP hybridizes to the loop. The final products are a mixture of stem loop DNA with various stem lengths and cauliflower like structures. The structures are formed by repeating the same sequence in different ways.

The designer of the LAMP DESIGNER has designed four primers and two additional loop primers. The software interprets the results and avoids regions that are not related to the sequence. The designed primers can be searched for specificity.

DNA Amplification by Fast Amplification

It provides high amplification efficiency, with the DNA being amplified 10 times in 15 minutes. The presence of amplified product can indicate the presence of a target gene.

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