What Is Lamp Rating?


Author: Lorena
Published: 9 Dec 2021

IP65 Light Bulbs

When selecting light bulbs, it is important to consider the intellectual property ratings. The risk of injury and damage to the electrical components can be increased if you use a light bulb in the wrong location. In areas where your bulbs will be exposed to weather and in areas where they will be exposed to water and humidity, the ratings are important.

When exposed to rain or other types of weather, lighting rated IP65 will not be damaged or rendered unsafe because it is protected against dust and debris. Minimum requirements for unsheltered outdoor lighting are usually called the IP65. If the rating is between 44 and 65, it is acceptable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The areas that will be exposed to debris and water are the ones that have higher ratings. If you know that there is a chance of contact with dust or liquids, you should make sure that your light bulbs have adequate protection. You'll always find your perfect fit with over 400,000 products in stock.

The Colour Temperature of the Universe

The unit symbol K is used to designate the colour temperature and is defined by a Kelvin rating. Mains Voltage Halogen and Incandescent lamps produce a white or warm white colour between 2700k and 3400k. The light produced by low voltage lighting is slightly whiter than the mains light.

A circuit board for a lamp

There are two circuit symbols for a lamp, one for a lamp used to illuminate and the other for a lamp used as an indicator. Small lamps such as torch bulbs can be used for both purposes. The small wire ended and grain of wheat lamps are soldered onto a circuit board, which is a different design from the lampholder.

Protection of IP44 Lamps

An IP44 lamp is protected against contact with tools, a wire, and foreign objects with a diameter greater than 1mm, as well as against splashing water from all directions. Which environmental conditions are suitable for the IP44 luminaires? The lights are protected against splash water and are sometimes used for outdoor use. The exact location of the installation can affect whether or not protection class IP44 can be used.

T12 and X-ray tubes with matching ballasts

The T8 tubes in Europe are not retrofits and require new matching ballasts to drive them, while some T12s can use the older ballasts. T8 tube with a ballast can increase energy consumption and reduce lamp life. ]

A Detailed Study of the IP Rating for Water, Dust and Outdoor Light Fixture Installations

If your light fixture installation will involve water, dust, or outdoor use, you can determine if it is suitable for your application by knowing the IP Rating.

Identification of Fluorescent Lamps

A standardized code that reveals valuable information about operating characteristics and physical dimensions is used to identify fluorescent lamps. The codes found on the lamps and in catalogs may be different from the generic ones. Major lamp manufacturers base their codes on the identification system discussed below.

Safety and Use of Hygroscopic Salt Lamps

Salt lamps are made from blocks of Himalayan salt and carved into shapes. A light bulb that produces light and heat is placed inside the center of the block. Salt is hygroscopic in terms of air purification.

That means it absorbs water. A salt lamp draws in water that contains pollutants. They are no longer in the air after they become trapped in the salt.

Installation of a Light Bulb

The ring of the base on all the bulbs is removed to make installation easier. The H16 bulb is placed after the ring of the base is installed. The headlight cover can not close when the cooling system is placed, this sometimes the problem when installing a light bulb.

Lamp Holders

The lamp holder has a switch on it. They are used for table and desk lights so that the light can be controlled from the source rather than from a wall or cord switch. The design of lamp holders makes it easy to switch them on.

The switched screw lamp holders are unattractive. It's impractical for pendant and wall lights to have switches. The lamp holder barrels and shade neck sizes are different.

Protection of a Product from Water splashes

A product with an intellectual property rating of 54 is protected against dust but not so much that it will prevent it from operating normally. The product is protected against splashes of water from any angle.

The T12 Lamp

The T12 lamp has a life of 20,000 hours and a light output of 2500 lumens. The T12 has a light intensity of around 60 and a CRI of 70. The 2 lamp fixture will consume 90 watt, the 4 lamp fixture will consume 160 watt, and the 4 lamp fixture will consume 170 watt.

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