What Is Lampent Weak Against?


Author: Artie
Published: 10 Dec 2021

Lampent: A lamp in the city

When someone is about to die, lampent can see the spirit in the person's body and steal it. It is found in deep forests and is often found in cities and hospitals. It is a lamp in the city.

The Supersymmetric Mega Aerodactyl, the Sceptile and Bee rill

Mega Aerodactyl, Mega Sceptile, and Mega Beedrill are some fast Pokemon that can outrun it, and they are also the ones that can use the Choice Scarf.

Pokemon Go: Transfer and Moves

Players can earn up to five sets a day. Participation requires keeping active and playing a lot, so each set requires walking another 5 km. You can see your progress towards earning your next set in the Battle Menu, and the app also notifies you when you have earned another set.

Choosing the Pokemon for your team is a very complex task. You will want to consider the moves of your Pokemon. Other Pokemon your team will help cover the weaknesses of your other Pokemon.

If your first Pokemon is a water type Pokemon, it is weak to grass. If your opponent is a grass type Pokemon, then you should have a Pokemon to counter that. A Pokemon that is flying or fire could be strong against another Pokemon.

If you're running out of Pokemon storage and need to clear out some room for new Pokemon, you can learn how to transfer a Pokemon in Pokemon Go. There are two types of Pokemon, Dark and Ghost. It has a MaxCP of 1,668, an Attack of 141, a Defense of 136, and a Stamina of 137.

Shadow Claw is its best Quick move. Foul Play, Power Gem, Return, and Shadow Sneak are Charge moves. Battling against rock Pokemon can be difficult.

The Dusk Stone

Where to find the dusk stones. There is a Pokemon Center in the town. A Dusk Stone can sometimes be found behind one of the big stones at the Lake of Outrage.

The Pokemon in Melony's Collection

The Pokemon that are in Melony's Pokemon collection can counter your main damage dealer. The gym leader has a dual type Pokemon so bring steel and electric type Pokemon.

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