What Is Lamprobe Treatment?


Author: Lisa
Published: 10 Dec 2021

Hair Removal in Veins, Cherry Angiomas and Other Disease

Most of the time, the lesions need one treatment. Veins, cherry angiomas, and other diseases may need additional treatments for a permanent result. Permanent hair removal is dependent on the growth of the hair follicle at the time of treatment, so it may need to be repeated.

The Lamprobe: A Skin Removal System Using Radio Frequency Energy

The Lamprobe is a small device that uses radio-frequency energy to remove small skin anomalies. The treatment causes the skin cells to dry up and fall off, until a problem is solved.

Lamprobe: A Skin-friendly Alternative to the Standard Electrolyte

The lamprobe uses radio and high-frequency technology to produce a current that causes skin problems. The Lamprobe can be applied to the skin just two to five seconds.

Anesthesia-free laser based light therapy for the treatment of cholesterol deposits under your eyes

Are there large, hard, white clusters around your eyes? When you have high levels of triglycerides in your bloodstream or high cholesterol in general, cholesterol deposits under the eyes can develop. The cholesterol causes small, yellow bumps to form on the inside of the eyelid.

Cholesterol deposits can be embarrassing and can be a sign of a potential health issue, such as high triglycerides or pre-diabetes. Many people prefer to treat the deposits sooner rather than later because the growths can get larger. The client feels a tight pinch to the skin, but the level of pain is manageable.

Red dots on your body

Do you have red dots on your body? Sometimes called senile angiomas, cherry angiomas are bright and red. They have small clusters of blood vessels. cherry angiomas can bleed easily when scratched.

How to Avoid the Effects of a Tan on Your Skin Care

Consumers are opting for minimally-invagant procedures to avoid downtime and the appearance of having had surgery. People may notice after your skin care professional has done their job. You seem to be healthier, happier, and more confident.

The Lamprobe: A New Type of Laser-Assisted Skin Treatment

The treatment uses a small probe that is placed on the skin to target certain areas. The probe and high frequencies will heat the abnormality. The Lamprobe only targets the top layer of the skin.

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The LamProbe: Skin Problems and Laser Radiation

The best skin can produce some skin problems, and the LamProbe can help. If you want to learn more about the LamProbe, or if it is the right treatment for you, please call us.

Lamprobe: A device to remove benign skin growths

A lamprobe is a device that can be used to remove benign skin growths. The system uses a pen-like device to deliver high Frequency and RF energy. The energy causes a current that instantly coagulates the minor skin problems.

The energy is being Vaporized into the cells and each spot takes just two to five seconds. The effect is to deliver a brief burst of current when the pen-like handpiece delivers the high Frequency and RF energy to the targeted growth or skin imperfection. The blood vessel's hemoglobin absorbs the current and closes it off.

The Lamprobe: a skin care device with heat-regulated liquids

The future of skin care is moving away from burning devices that scar or cause damage to the skin. Patients and clients expect the best results from advanced technology. The lamprobe is able to deliver results.

A needle with high Frequency energy for the treatment of skin concern

A needle with high and radio Frequency energy is being used. The needle is used to probe the skin, using a current to heat the liquid, stopping blood flow to the areand eliminating the specific skin cells, which is then gently removing the affected skin area or skin concern.

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